About Farlows' Floriculture

We grow, sell and champion Australian grown seasonal fresh flowers on the Sunshine Coast

Who am I?

I, Gail Farlow, with the support of my husband Mick, have a sustainable, small scale flower farm at Bells Creek on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

We are passionate about restorative and sustainable agriculture and strive to enhance our soil, ourselves and our community through intentional farming and floristry practices.

My mission statement

I am passionate about ‘sharing the power of flowers’ through friendly face-to-face customer service, direct from the farmers to you.

The quality of the flowers I sell is my highest priority. Therefore, my core business is growing and sourcing locally grown, seasonal, fresh flowers to fill the hearts and homes of the Sunshine Coast.

One of my goals is to encourage everyone to attempt to grow their own flowers. Individuals will reap the rewards of their labour when they experience the joy of picking flowers from their own garden, which has a positive impact on mental health.
To help make this possible, I have put together a small range of commercially grown cut flower variety seed packets for my customers to purchase. See Shop page.

I believe in sharing. I have learnt most of what I know from others through formal education or sharing with other flower growers and gardeners.  Check out the Resource page of this site for helpful information about growing flowers.

On the Flower Truck you will also find boxes for sharing abundant produce, recylcing and a community library. See the Flower Truck page for more detail on those.

Our story

We have been nurturing our 1.25-acre parcel of land at Bells Creek since 1992. We have enjoyed an intentionally simple lifestyle of growing our own food, keeping chickens and raising our two daughters.

Once the girls left home and I had more time on my hands, I could spend my time more freely, doing what I liked. I always wanted to be a farmer. So, this presented the perfect opportunity to become a flower farmer. I chose to grow flowers as opposed to food because I wanted to share the power and enjoyment of flowers.

Since 2015, when this decision was made, I have purposefully learnt, researched, experimented, risked, grown and challenged myself along the journey to what is now Farlows’ Floriculture. During these first five years, I worked full-time off the farm to buy the initial infrastructure to get me started.

In 2021, with the support of Mick, I made the decision to take the next step in my business plan to dedicate myself to Farlows’ Floriculture full-time. This would not be possible without Mick working full-time off the farm while also supporting me with the business. He significantly contributes to the ongoing maintenance and farming operations. I like to think of him as the quiet background guy that keeps everything rolling smoothly.

You will find the story behind the Flower Truck here.