Fresh flowers direct to you

Farlows’ Floriculture offer fresh cut flowers direct to the public either from the Flower Truck or by pre-order and appointment at our farm gate studio at Bells Creek. 

Flowers are available to purchase as individual stems, wrapped bunches and posy jars. Because the flowers are a seasonal product there are peaks and troughs in supply. With different varieties available through the different seasons. Making this a very ‘organic’ business model. Which means, whatever I can grow and source from other growers is what I will be selling when available.
Thank you for following along and supporting locally grown fresh flowers.

Posy jars

Mixed seasonal flower varieties with shorter stems are available in glass jars from the Flower Truck.

These are a weekly surprise. Totally based on what flowers are available at the time.

Prices starting from $20.


Mixed bunches available for pick up from the Flower Truck. Or by appointment and pre-order at our farm gate studio.

Standard bunch is $30

Large bunch is $50

Extra large bunches and custom price points are available by request.

Wedding and events | Individual delivery service

My passion is in growing fresh flowers. To allow me to focus on growing I do not offer wedding and event design or individual delivery  service. I am happy to recommend a number of local florists who can help you.       

Check out my Resources page. Otherwise give me a call on 0402 081 048 and I will be able to point you in the right direction.

A little more about the flowers that I grow in our patch

What I grow

In line with the seasons I grow – Giant Zinnia, Double Cosmos, Stocks, Snapdragons, Queen Anne Lace, Sunflowers, Dahlias, Chrysanthemums, Calendula and Celosia. Because I am obsessed with growing flowers I am always experimenting with different varieties to see what grows best in our little eco system. We are very fortunate to have a mild climate here on the Sunshine Coast and most of the basic varieties of cut flowers thrive here.

How I grow

Enrich the soil – We continuously feed the soil with our worm castings, compost teas and blends made with our green garden waste plus various locally sourced animal manures. We apply mulch to help it retain moisture, to protect our soil microbiology and help prevent plant disease.

Crop rotation – We rotate our annual crops, to help maintain excellent soil health and minimise pests.

Companion planting – Aside from the benefits to our plants, companion planting uses our garden space more efficiently, letting us harvest more. The diversity that companion planting provides is also good for pollinators, wildlife, and soil health.

Why I grow flowers

Growing flowers can be hard physical work and I spend many hours on my own working in the patch. Some of the reasons why I grow flowers are:

  • The rewards of picking beautiful fresh blooms and being able to share them with other humans is priceless to me. Hence my business slogan ‘Sharing the power of flowers’.
  • I really do believe there is a spark of magic that happens when people gift flowers to each other. 
  • I enjoy the continual learning about all of the aspects of growing flowers and taking the time to watch carefully while mother nature goes about her business with a little bit of assistance from me.
  • The more experience I gain from growing my own fresh flowers the better equipped I feel about sharing my knowledge and experience with others who wish to tread the same path.
  • And most of all I enjoy spending my life with like minded people who love growing things. Anything! Just grow something. It is so good for your soul.