Local florists and floral designers

Websites to enjoy for growing information !

Florelie Flower Farm a small scale, specialty cut flower farm in Bungaree, near Ballarat, Victoria, Australia. Lorelie Merton generously shares her growing knowledge. Check out here website Florelie Flower Farm.

Love ‘n Fresh Flowers –  Jennie Love – owner and Creative Director of Love ‘n Fresh Flowers, is the passionate and creative driving force behind  a small but mighty flower enterprise. Trained both as a horticulturalist and floral design she loves educating everyone who will listen about the special beauty and value of locally grown flowers. You will find a loads of flower information on Jennie’s website Love ‘n Fresh Flowers 

Floret Flowers a family run flower farm and seed company in Washington USA –  Skagit Valley  run by Chris and Erin Benzakein. Erin is an inspiration to me. Check out there website Floret Flowers

Santa Cruz Dahlias is a no-till organic dahlia farm operated by Kristine Albrecht in Santa Cruz, California. Kristine is known for her award-winning dahlia hybrids and in 2020 released a book on dahlia breeding. Kristine is so generous in sharing her dahlia growing knowledge via Instagram posts too. Follow her and enjoy her passion and knowledge. Santa Cruz Dahlias

The Gardener’s Workshop – Lisa Mason Zeigler – What began as a small cut-flower farm producing for local markets has grown into so much more. Lisa has become a leader in the cut-flower growing industry, author, accomplished speaker, teacher, and the owner of The Gardener’s Workshop. You will find all sorts of goodness at Lisa’s website The Gardener’s Workshop

Podcasts to get you inspired

Dish The Dirt – Hosted by Rebecca Noble. Rebecca goes in search of Australian flower farmers, to share their knowledge, passion and insights into the flower industry.

All the Dirt – Gardening, sustainability, food and organics. Weekly discussion, interviews and tasty garden to kitchen recipes.

Graziher – Life on the Land – Telling stories of women who live in rural and regional Australia. Stories from all kinds of women who have lived all kinds of lives from all different walks of life.

The Flower Podcast – Hosted by Scott Shepherd. This podcast is for the floral community to discuss flowers, trends and business topics.

Futuresteading – Hosted by Jade Miles and Catie Payne – This is a conversation about the future. About creating a culture that values tomorrow. Jade and Catie think a slower, simpler, steadier existence is the first step – one that’s healthier for humans and the planet.

Humans of Agriculture – Hosted by Oli Le Lievre – This podcast series is dedicated to discovering more about our food system, from the people who are involved in it. Have a listen to find out how our communities an our culture shape what we eat, and ultimately who we are.

The No-Till Flowers Podcast – Hosted by Jennie Love – A show about regenerative flower farming.

Let’s Grow, Girls. Growing Cut Flowers – Hosted by flower friends Nicole and Sarah who are on their journey to growing beautiful blooms! Interviewing experts, discussing their own success and failures, and revealing the mysteries behind incredible cut flowers.

Girl Flower Podcast – Hosted by Jessica and Victoria who have conversations and inspirational chin wags with florists and growers.

Books you can't put down

Growers Almanac by Phoebe East – The almanac is a basic guide for planting by the moon and gaining insight into how the lunar cycle through the cosmos can be used to create holistic and thriving gardens.

Costa’s World – Gardening for the soil, the soul and the suburbs. By Costa Georgiadis.

Soil – The incredible story of what keep the earth, and us, healthy. By Matthew Evans.

Flower Confidential by Amy Stewart – The good, the bad and the beautiful. An insight into the global flower industry.

The Well Gardened Mind by Sue Stuart-Smith – Rediscovering nature in the modern world.

Cut Flower Garden by Floret Farm’s

A Year in Flowers by Floret Farm’s

Discovering Dahlia’s by Floret Farm’s

Dahlia Breeding for the Farmer Florist and the Home Gardener by Kristine Albrecht